My Hero

By Kellsie, Age 18

My aunty Faith had cancer and diabetes. She couldn’t do all the same things that other people could do and she couldn’t live the same lifestyle as others do, but she was a strong, caring, and giving person who was always happy. She was a very special person who had such a big heart. Although her disabilities didn’t allow her to do certain things, she never complained. She was named Faith by my grandmother because the first child that my grandmother had passed away as a baby. So when my aunty was born healthy my grandmother felt that it was faith that brought her to them. My Aunty Faith is my number one hero. I admire her strength and positive outlook on life. The way that she dealt with her cancer was very strong and she never complained about the pain or about not being able to do certain things. She went through many visits to the hospital for chemotherapy and had her hair fall out. She had also made many trips to the emergency and was able to handle the many nights that she had to be away from home to get blood transfusions from the hospital. Through all of this she still kept a smile on her face and had enough energy to give all of her love to my sister and me. I used to wish that I could give her everything that she never had or give her the ability to be able to experience all the things that she’s never had the chance to do. I used to feel that it was really unfair that such a good hearted person like her could be dealt so many bad cards in her life such as her cancer, diabetes, and also being slightly mentally challenged. I felt that it wasn’t fair that she couldn’t do things that everyone else could do or that she couldn’t experience and enjoy the same things as “normal” people. My mom then explained to me that she doesn’t know what she’s missing because she’s never experienced it before. Also that she was happy with how her life was: she was happy and that was what mattered. When I was near her I would observe how she was and realized that she was truly happy and that I couldn't give her all those things. I also realized she didn’t need those things, all she needed were the hugs and the time that we could spend with her. One thing that I remember is her eating sun flower seeds while watching T.V. and placing the shells on each corner of a paper towel. I also remember her burp which was really unique, it sounded like a hiccup. I remember her contagious smile and laughter and her warm hugs and kisses. By being near her and spending time with her, I realized that things are better when you have a positive attitude. I’ve learned to appreciate my family and the time that we spend together even if it’s just playing cards and watching TV, like my aunty and I used to do. It’s sad to think that people only appreciate or realize things when someone is really sick or just when it’s too late. For me, I knew that my aunty might only have a short time with us but I didn’t think that it was too late; I still spent time with her, shared with her my stories about school and sports, and showed her how much I loved and appreciated her. She truly made me cherish life and the things that I have much more. I’ll admit that I used to take a lot of things for granted but she has taught me a great lesson, that you should never take things for granted because life is so short and you don’t want to have any regrets. She has taught me not to be so selfish about certain things. When I’m in a bad situation I think about her and the things she went through and my problem seems so insignificant that it’s not even a problem that I worry about anymore. I learned that losing someone you love is very hard, but it makes you stronger and makes you appreciate the small things in life. I believe anyone who knew her would admire her just like I do. She was such an easy person to love because of her friendly and happy personality. I use to give her hugs and try to hold onto her extra long so I could keep her here longer. I knew it wouldn’t work but I’d do it anyway. I feel honored and lucky to have been able to meet someone like her and have her be apart of my life. She is my hero not only because she was a great person who had a major impact on my life, but also because she taught me so much without saying a word.