My Experience with Hurricane Katrina

By Anna L.

Hi, my name is Anna L. I would like to tell you my story of how I survived Hurricane Katrina and how I overcame my worst fears. It was a regular day in New Orleans, when I heard about Hurricane Katrina. The night before, I spent the night at my best friend’s house and we were planning to go to Six Flags the next day. We woke up and started talking about the rides and how much fun we were going to have when Ivy’s mom came into the room and announced we wouldn’t be going. Ivy yelled, “Mom!” Then her mom explained how there was a hurricane coming straight toward us and it was a strong category 4. So, we rushed straight to Ivy’s laptop and logged onto We clicked on Katrina’s projected path and realized we were in serious danger. My mouth hung open for two minutes. I immediately called Mom and told her what was going on. At first, she didn’t believe me. Then she said, “Anna, I’m sleeping. I’ll check on it later and call you back.” Five minutes later she called back and expressed her level of fear. Then I ate breakfast and immediately returned home. The next day, we left for Baton Rouge, LA. It took us ten hours for the normal one hour car trip waiting in traffic to get there. Finally we arrived where we were going to stay for the next two weeks and got settled. My mom’s boyfriend who is a state representative used his friend’s session house. Luckily, it was very cozy and comfortable! After the storm, we heard horrible reports about 80% of our city completely under water. Also, there were looters stealing and killing people. For the next four days my family was very depressed. I wondered how to put back the pieces of my life. I missed my new school and all of my wonderful friends. I decided not to watch the news until I was more comfortable with this new lifestyle. About two weeks later, my family decided to go home to evaluate how much damage our house undertook. On our way there all we saw was destroyed property and devastation. My heart was racing just wondering if my bedroom was still there. As we approached my house, my heart stopped racing. When we go there I was so excited! My house survived this category 4 storm! For about two hours I helped pick up debris taking breaks every 20 minutes. My mom cleaned out the refrigerator. It was disgusting! Later, we said good-bye to what we could still call home. That night all I could think about was how much I missed home. From then on I prayed for friends and family and thanked God for the many blessings he gave me and continues to give me. I would like to thank FEMA, the Red Cross, the National Guard, and the many other people who are helping us build a better New Orleans! The End.