Life Changes

By Nicole

I've learned growing up that life can change on a dime. I had never really realized what a big impact drugs take in people’s lives, before it happened…it being the worst day of my best friend’s life. I had always thought, “Hey, you are ruining your own life,” but that’s not true at all. Someone on drugs can affect everyone around them, including family and friends. My friend’s uncle is a drug addict, so was his girlfriend. They had a three year old daughter at the time, the sweetest girl I had ever met. One day my friend’s dad was under the influence of drugs and tried to hurt my best friend. My dad and his friends heard them from down the street, went to see what was going on, and had the uncle arrested. His daughter was then taken away from his wife and put into the care of my best friend’s mother. She lived there for two years, until her mom came clean, and regained custody of her. The moral I learned is to do everyone a favor, don’t do drugs. It affects everyone you know, and everyone who loves you. It has changed my life, forever.