I'll Pray For You

By Kaci, Age 16

I’ll pray for you because unlike me
You don’t have a home and you are stranded
on a roof cold as stone.

I’ll pray because you lick the salty tears
From your bitter lips
So I’ll pray for you that God will send Angels
down to guide you because you are lost.

I’ll pray because you’re hurt and wounded
Not just physically, mentally, and above all else, spiritually.
So I’ll pray and ask God to answer your questions,
“Why has he done this to me, what did I do wrong?”
for him to cause you pain this strong and lasted this long?

I’ll pray for God to give you strength,
because your knees can’t hold you.
I pray for Him to give you love since He took your happiness.
I pray for you to not let this tragedy hold you down
because of the burdens as big as boulders on your backs.

I’ll pray for you because I know that
friends and family have washed away,
and all your happy memories are under deep water.

I know I can’t send you money or replace
loved ones and houses that were destroyed.
I know even hope might seem to much right now.

I’ll just pray for you.
That the sunshine might once again brighten your days
and your days will be warm.
This is a poem for all of the survivors who feel
as if they’ve survived for nothing.
But I hope my prayers will help you and mean something.