Drugs: What it did to my Friend and What it can do to you.

By Joseph D., Age 13

Drugs can seem like a great thing at first. All you need is one poke, sniff, or smoke and all your problems seem to disappear. Drugs give you bigger problems in your life. The biggest one is death. One of my friends from when I was little did drugs. In the end, it nearly cost him his life. My friends name was Luigi. My friend lived in the Philippines. He lived on the rough side of the street and hungt out with the wrong crowd. Because of that, he was introduced to drugs at an early age. He took cocaine, marijuana, everything. When I went to the Philippines for vacation he looked liked he had been through a roller coaster after eating a whole buffet. He offered me drugs but I declined. I tried to help him but it was too late. A few months after I left the Philippines, I heard tragic news from my father. Luigi had jacked a car and got in a deadly accident and was in a coma. He was one of my closest friends and he was near death. He got better and now is in rehab. He said he didn’t know what got over him but he couldn’t do anything about it. So, my point is don’t do drugs. Joking about drugs can lead to actually doing drugs. If you want to lose your life, well that’s your problem. Just remember that drugs kill.