Confrontation to Progress

By Aisha, Age 15

How do I tell myself the truth?

That I decided to stay.

Then the rain and ocean,

Once providers,

Turned and crashed back.

On my haven.

How do I tell myself,

All convincing and true

That the water rose to

Shortage all electricity,

To rot all stable walls,

To soak away words from paper,

Erase my life.

And as the water destroyed

Power to the city, so my phosphorescent flame

Has been put out.

How do I let myself feel


Towards a country that forsook my community

Through a metaphorical

Storm classism, racism?

The anger would drown me

Like the waters from the broken levies

That stormed my haven.

I will not drown

With anger or desperation

I will not be uprooted or

Swept away like the flowers

Of my garden past

This fecal water,

Will saturate life and bloom a rebirth.

That’s how I tell myself the truth.