By Members of Generation Pulse

What follows is an informal conversation on coping with tragedy between several college friends in late adolescence to early adulthood. This conversation was held over several days in an online forum between students sharing a psychology class: it focuses on grieving and coming to terms with the most stressful and tragic situations that can confront adolescents. I am actually one of the contributors, and I speak on the part of all those who posted in saying that we felt very close to the victims of Katrina while writing: although the pain of losing a friend or family member is, of course, fundamentally different from the pain of losing a hometown, there is a unity that exists between adolescents who have been exposed to tragedies of any type. We hope that in sharing our experiences, we are forming ties with teenagers whom we have never seen face-to-face but to whom we can relate: a common theme in these posts is the need to hold tight to those around you during difficult times, and GenPulse offers a way to do so even with people we’ve never met.

First Entry by Christina

Second Entry by Sarah

Third Entry by Elizabeth

Fourth Entry by Alicia

Fifth Entry by Kassie

Sixth Entry by Jen

Seventh Entry by Kandi