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by Haley R. 

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By Julia J., Age 15

The one hundred thirteen degree weather was especially harsh in the barren town of Reynosa, where there wasn’t shade in sight. However, the motivation to provide shelter for my new friends compensated for any discomfort caused by the Mexican climate. As Ramón Lopez came towards me I immediately noticed his brown calloused feet walking on the rocky dirt road. He smiled and called out “trabaja!” while handing me his cement-mixing shovel, and then sat down to rest with his two younger brothers. I watched them, marveling at how well they got along, and wondering at what time in American society it had become unacceptable for teenagers to enjoy the company of their younger siblings. I then regained my focus and began the arduous task of mixing cement manually in order to lay the floor for the Lopez’s first legitimate house.

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Archived Stories

Coping, By Members of Generation Pulse

Forgiveness, By Caleb G.

Gifts, By Ms. Strauss's Seventh Grade Social Studies Class

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 By Kate H., Age 22

I believe in love at first sight, first laugh, and first hug. I’m not talking about romantic love; I mean the kind of love that you have with your best friends who you know you’ll have forever. In high school, my friends were the people who I had known all my life, the ones who knew everything about me because they had lived it all with me. Going away to college and later when I studied in Europe for a semester, I found that there are some people who just understand you from the second you meet them. It’s love at first sight.

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By Members of Generation Pulse

What follows is an informal conversation on coping with tragedy between several college friends in late adolescence to early adulthood. This conversation was held over several days in an online forum between students sharing a psychology class: it focuses on grieving and coming to terms with the most stressful and tragic situations that can confront adolescents.

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By Alicia C., Age 19

Halloween has passed and November has just begun. This of course means that the holiday season has officially commenced. Ads on television already begin to advertise the perfect holiday gifts, stores and shopping centers are decorated with extravagant displays of lights and pine and the emphasis on family coming home for the holidays can be seen everywhere you turn.

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By Tonoah J.

My Block

Here’s what’s up and what’s down in my neck of the woods. I grew up middle class – not too poor, not too rich. We lived in a five bedroom house with two bathrooms. We lived in a place called the Goose. We had block parties, second lines. Everybody knew everybody. We were a big family until drugs came along.

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By Rachel R., Age 23

Air saturated with cicada shrieks
Sprinkler sprinkles
The glow of summer
Somersault momentum
Songs and stories
And silly

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By Caleb G.

A couple years ago, my family and I were taking our annual winter vacation trip to New York. One day my dad, my siblings, and I went to Grand Central Station to see a laser show, which, in the end turned out to be pretty bad. Anyway, after the show my dad and sister went off to get some lemonade for her down the hall, leaving my brother and me by ourselves.

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By Lauren R.W., Age 12

Growing up in Boston I had a pretty average life. I lived in a two family house with my family and went to a local catholic school. I took all this for granted not knowing some day I wouldn’t be so lucky.

I vaguely remember how my life changed. But at the same time there are some things that will be with me the rest of my life.

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