When September Ends

By Taylor D.

Hurricane Katrina has had lasting effects on everyone. All the people that had to evacuate their homes and leave their pictures, and most of their prized possessions, for the hurricane to come and take it all away. People lost their family members. I went to a Green Day concert in September. At the concert, Billie Joe, the lead singer, dedicated the song “When September Ends,” to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, causing many people to cry. The effect that it has had on me will last a long time. When I first heard about it, I was being my teenage self and did not care, but the more I saw it on television I realized how serious it was. Furthermore, we had to discuss with teachers what we thought about the hurricane, and again I realized how serious it was. My sister and I decided to donate clothes, school supplies, and other things to help the victims. Although I have not done as much as other people have done, I hope it still helps the people that are in need.