A Raisin in the Sun: A Summary Poem

By Rayne F.

On the South Side of Chicago, the Youngers do dwell
Being a black, poor family, not everything’s swell.
However, they each have a wish and a dream
All have high hopes, or so it does seem.
The family awaits for an insurance check
How should they spend it? What is correct?
"Investment is great," says son, Walter Lee.
Opening a liquor store, he thinks is the key.
Bennie, the intellect, has a plan of her own,
To become a doctor and make herself known.
Aside from her children’s great aspirations,
Mama’s dream of a house would be the foundation
However, Walter’s dream began to crash
When his partner runs off with some of the cash.
In addition to this, Ruthie finds out
She and Walter will have a second child, without a doubt.
All this is occurring and tensions become dark,
While Mama plans to buy a house in Clybourne Park.
This neighborhood community is entirely white.
There aren’t any blacks anywhere in sight.
Walter can’t believe it, yet Mama is sure
This move for the family is really a cure.
A family of four, unites under a new sun
Dreams all colliding and emerging as one.