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By Shima, Age 18

You finally arrive at your home after what seemed like a year to discover it in not the condition you left it. Shingles are missing, a 6-inch thick carpet of muck is where your floor should be, and there is a foul and unidentifiable odor lingering in your living room. How did this happen?

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When most people hear the word "hurricane" they connect the word "loss" to it. Recently, when people hear the word Katrina, they connect it with total devastation. As with so many others in my home city of New Orleans, I did experience many losses. My home was flooded, forcing my family to evacuate for several weeks. My great-grandmother passed away during the hurricane as well. Despite such negative things, I think that when I recall the hurricane years from now, I will remember the positive things I gained from the hurricane experience, rather than all the negatives.

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United We Stand

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