Life Experience

By Cheslie W., Age 17

It was a beautiful sunny day with a few clouds scattered across the sky and a light breeze that flowed through the screens of opened windows and doors. For the first time in several months, my younger sister and I were getting along quite well. We were home alone, doing our own thing, when I heard a constant rummaging noise in the backyard. I went into my parent’s room and peeked through the louvers; at first I thought it was just a rooster that had flown into our avocado tree but as I looked on more, I saw a middle aged man up in our tree, picking our avocados. Our tree is super tall and I had no idea how he got up there because there was no ladder in sight. A sudden rush of anger and fear went through my body. I didn't know what to do; should I go out there and yell that I am going to call the police or should I just keep quiet until he leaves. I was scared because the man was bigger then me, but I was also very angry because I hate it when people steal from others. Then I grabbed my dad's video camera and started video taping the guy through the louvers of my sister's bedroom with the camera in one hand and a large kitchen knife in the other. I didn't know what I was going to do with the kitchen knife, but I held on to it just in case the thief tried to break into my house. I knew that if anything were to happen I would have to protect my sister. I told her to keep quiet while I continued video taping. To this day I still don't know what I would of done if the thief had come into our house. I ended up watching the guy climb down from the tree, pick up the avocados that had fallen on the ground and then watched him jump over our gate. I felt relieved that he was gone and I thought that I was so brilliant to have caught the thief on tape because I knew that I had proof and evidence of the crime. When my parents came home I told them what had happened and what I did. My mom thought that what I did was really clever, but my dad started yelling at me saying that what I did was stupid and that I should have first called the police because something bad could have happened. From this experience I have learned that when ever there is trouble you must first call the police.