Hurricane Katrina

By Jamie T.

In my opinion, Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst Hurricanes. It left thousands of people homeless and over 1050 dead. I feel very badly for the people that lost their homes, and even more, their loved ones. Many loved ones died, and many animals were abandoned. The victims of the hurricane should be thankful to be alive. A lot of victims have been sent to Massachusetts where they can live. I haven’t been able to help raise money for the victims, though I wish I could have. Our school had a “Coats for Kids” drive to collect coats for the victims of the hurricane. I brought two coats in. It was something I wanted to do so I could help them. I felt good knowing that my coats would be going to a good cause. Many kids in my town had lemonade stands to raise money to go to Hurricane Katrina victims. I thought to myself, wow, they are really doing it. I wish I could give something. Giving a couple of coats was a small thing, and I wish I could have done something more. This hurricane caused a lot of damage. Every night on the news I would see devastating pictures of Louisiana. I thought that we should have helped evacuate the people sooner than we did. I don’t know how they survived, but I am glad they did. I hope to help more with the victims in the future. Wow, they are really doing it. I wish I could give something.