Struggles with Growing Up and Friendships

By Michaela M.

As we grow up we face many troubles. Teenagers are constantly faced with the difficulties to look and act a certain way. Sometimes teenagers are pushed too far and the situation gets out of hand. Someone close and dear to my heart had to deal with this type of situation personally. My best friend suffered with anorexia for approximately two years. In the beginning, I scarcely noticed the changes in her actions and physical looks. Although, as time passed, she began getting thinner and thinner to the point where I was not only worried, but my whole family was too. Eventually my friend had the outstanding courage to admit she had a problem. During the spring and summer this year, she has been attending classes, therapy and nutrition classes for her anorexia. Though I had an idea of her situation, she did not personally tell me, until mid-summer. When she told me, I was shocked that she had finally told me, and relieved that she felt I could accept her in any situation, and our friendship was strong enough that she felt she could tell me anything. Throughout the rest of the summer I made sure she was following doctor’s orders, so my best friend could be healthy once again. My friend began to understand her situation, and what she was doing to her body. I have known my friend since pre-kindergarten, and her struggle has affected me too. It has taught me that I will always accept myself, no matter how I look. Our friendship has grown stronger, because of this. We truly define the quotes “I’ll always be there,” and “no matter what, you can always lean on me.” I will never have to hold anything in with this friend, we seem to understand each other and accept each other’s flaws. Recently, my best friend has finished her classes, and therapy sessions. She is slowly gaining weight, and learning to love herself again. No matter what, I will always be there.