By Franchesca, Age 16


I know you feel cold,

and alone inside.

The drama you went through,

and questions “Why?”


Why God? Why me? Why? Why? Why? Why?

I’m only human, why should I die?

I know you love and care for me,

however, why shall one suffer

and put through so much pain


I understand you’re angry, upset, and broken hearted,

Knowing you have no family and left all undecided.

Home is not home

and winter is cold.

Crying is showering all over yourself.


God the Almighty still has not helped me.

Everyday I struggle more

and my heart feels empty.

My dreams are fading.

and I don’t think I can reach them.


God loves you so don’t you ever feel empty,

because God’s heart is so great, powerful, and full with plenty.

God can’t give you the world in less than a heartbeat.

One must suffer in life

in order to receive.

The key to life is waiting, patiently.

The best advice that I can give is to

pray to God and love yourself.

Loving God is good for your health.



Reach – High