Babysitting Camp

By Catharine D., Age 21

Like any high school student, I wanted a summer job that would make me a lot of money, and fast. I had accepted a job to work part time as a waitress, but my measly salary of $6 an hour was not enough and was probably illegal and considered slave labor. I had been asked to baby-sit for a few families, but it seemed as though they all wanted me at the same time during the week days. Thus, I came up with the solution to start my own play school.

I told my current babysitting customers, they told their friends, and also distributed flyers to likely families in the neighborhood. Parents dropped off their kids at my house at 9am and picked up their children at 1pm. The children loved it because they got to play with each other. Parents loved it because they had precious day light hours to themselves and were able to get various errands done without distractions. We played games, ran in the sprinkler, ate lunch and went on walks to the local playground. I asked neighbors for unwanted children’s toys I could borrow for the summer. I charged $20 per child per day or $30 for a family of 2 children. I was easily making upwards of $100 each day and netting about $600 during the work week.

For any teen looking to make some fast cash, consider starting a babysitting camp of your own. If kids aren’t your specialty, I’d suggest doing it with a friend or two to help ease the responsibilities. It beats waitressing and after lunch you will have the entire day to do whatever you want, even pursue a second job!