Aimee's Journal

By Aimee, Age 16

Journal Entry #1 First Day at a New School

Dear Me, Life has changed...completely. I had my first day at Robinson today and all I can say is that it is completely opposite from Ursuline. I guess the most obvious difference would be that there are about 4000 more kids!! (not an exaggeration). It’s a public co-ed school, and Ursuline is an all-girls catholic school and there were 69 of us in our class and about 800 in the whole school grades toddler two-senior year. I am taking photography which is really cool since that is not offered at Ursuline but other than is not that cool. Oh and in my first period class I had English and we had to do a journal and I wrote one comparing Ursuline and Robinson and of course I just had to raised my hand to share and I almost burst into tears! It took all I had in me to not cry and just stumble through the whole thing. And then everyone clapped and that made me feel better I guess...everyone is being really nice to me but I almost don’t want them to. It’s like a constant reminder of what happened. Every time I go into a class all the teachers know who I am and "my story" and I’m not rejecting their kindness and helpfulness towards me it’s just that I don’t want special treatment I just want to be treated normal I guess, since nothing in my life right now is really normal. I miss Ursuline so much already. I still find it so funny...kind of...that Friday when I came home from school I was telling my mom and everyone that it was the best day of school ever, it was my last day at Ursuline for a while...but I didn’t know that. I was so excited about this year I just knew it was going to be the best ever. That day at school we had a class retreat. Everyone was so open and for the first time our class was really so, so together. We had finally achieved that sister bond that we had been trying to get since 8th grade haha. I even made an announcement to the class saying just that, that I was just so happy to see us all together and that I really love each and everyone of them as a sister. I felt like a dork saying that hah but now I’m really glad I did obviously since, well...since I probably won’t ever see half of them again. But anyways, we were going to win rally with our awesome theme...which was "Skipping through New Orleans" (HA) and everything was just going perfect. I liked all my teachers and my classes seemed easy enough. Everything at home was going just fine too. I was about to move upstairs into my brothers room and I had finally gotten all my stuff packed up, I was just waiting for him to get all his stuff! Robbie and I were going really great. I was happy again to get back to school since being in summer stages this summer and I hadn’t really seen much of them. My sweet sixteen which is Saturday, or was going to be this Saturday was going to be a lot of fun. Funny thing I just remembered about that, as soon as we evacuated to Baton Rouge we went to the mall to get my dress which is now sitting in the back of the car, never to be worn as it was supposed to be. Well this is long and my hand hurts. I still feel like I have so much to say but most of what I am feeling I can not even begin to put into words. Love, Me

Journal Entry #2


Dear Me, I am at a loss for words. I did not know that it was actually possible to be so heartless. Today at school this boy Nick said the worst things ever. We were talking in history class and New Orleans came up, I said that I really missed it and can't wait to go back home. And then he told me something along the lines of "oh get over it and that no body cares." He said that it happened over two months ago and that it was history. it. He said that I was just putting on an act for sympathy and that he was not buying into it! I was so hurt. I did not know how to defend myself. I was not trying to get him to feel bad for me at all! I was simply stating how I felt! It’s not like I was asking him for money! I didn’t know what to say to him. I sat there in complete shock and I all I wanted to do was get away from him and cry or scream or anything but sit there next to him! For the rest of the day I really thought about what he said to me. I was so angry; but so sad at the same time. I really want to go home more than anything. I miss my friends and my school and my normal life. I miss my bed and my clothes and my camera. I wish none of this would have ever happened. I think I wish about a million times a day to go back in time. Its so funny how life then didn’t seem so perfect, but now it seems like heaven. What’s that never know what you got till it’s gone? Well I know what I had now and I would really like it back hah. I think only about 87 more days till January when Ursuline is supposed to open back up! I can't wait till the day when instead of thinking of how many more days ahead of me, I will think about just the day ahead and that day only. Well I'm sleepy and I have homework GR! <3 Me ps I think I need to find new friends. Check back for more from Aimee!