All You Need is Love!


“All you need is love.” This is perhaps the greatest line ever written by a songwriter in history. It’s so simple, yet so complicated. It means so much greater than our human minds can handle.

What the world really needs is more love. Not just love for ourselves and our families, but for our neighbors and fellow mankind. If the world learned to love others, understand others, and walk a day in someone else’s shoes, then perhaps we would understand how our crazy world works a little better.


This line is calling for me and the rest of humanity to get out there and love others. In the end, it doesn’t matter your race, creed, religion, nationality, or political party; at the end of the day, the way in which you share and show love to others is really what determines how fulfilling your life is. You can never give enough love, and you can never stop receiving it. Go out and share love with the world!