Survivors' Blogs

Black Knight (A Hurricane Katrina Survivor)
Black Knight shares her experiences of her school, community, and family after Hurricane Katrina. The hospital closing means not only no hospital but also much fewer jobs - including for Black Knight's mother. 

Broadway (A Hurricane Katrina Survivor)
A rising Broadway star shares the heartache of limited nighttime selections for celebrating with her cast after Katrina.  Broadway a senior at a Catholic high school in New Orleans writes about life after Katrina for both the city and herself as she discerns her future path. 

Casey (A Hurricane Katrina Survivor)
Casey loves Mardi Gras, New Orleans, fresh seafood, and baseball.  After the hurricane her family had to relocate to a temporary house.  Casey describes seeing her childhood home gutted and the destruction at her family's house on the coast.  Loosing her home was perhaps the most difficult part of life after Katrina for Casey.  But her love of New Orleans and the promise of rebuilding shines through.

Hope (A Hurricane Katrina Survivor)
In this blog Hope describes some of her embarassing moments (like karaoke), nightmarish moments (like prom dress shopping with her mother), and Katrina specific moments (like having lots of bugs).  Hope finds hope in these situations through her optimism. 

Meredith (A Hurricane Katrina Survivor)
When Hurricane Katrina hit in August, Meredith was just beginning her senior year in high school.  She writes about about how life for her and her friends has changed and what senior traditions they are still able to have.  Meredith has a close group of friends who find ways of having fun together - embracing new and old "New Orleansy" activities.