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 There are an estimated 27 million individuals worldwide who are currently victims of human trafficking, according to Kevin Bales, an expert on human trafficking. According to the United Nations organization Economic and Social Commision for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), human trafficking is defined as the circumstance in which someone is held against their will through force, fraud, or coercion without being able to freely leave the situation; it is quite literally modern-day slavery.

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Deep in the depths of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a beautiful country in central Africa known for its breathtaking rain forests, unique wildlife and diverse culture, lies a shameful secret: a ragging war in which women have been used as a chief weapon; a weapon of rape. 

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On Tuesday night, in a room at Boston College crowded with students eager to hear her words, Grace Akello, author of Girl Solider, shared her story.  She began by showing a brief video, which gave an overview of the treacherous war in northern Uganda and highlighted the plight of the innocent “children caught in the crossfire.”  International support, such as that by World Vision, has helped to bring hope to the situation but, in a country like Uganda where “amber alerts” do not exist, children remain in danger even today.

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