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Racism manifests itself negatively in both the mental and physical health of those who experience racism. There are three levels to this racism:

1) Active racism, or overt racism. An obvious example is violence directed at somebody for being a certain race. This causes adrenaline-related stress, as well as the obvious negative health affects of violence.

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Deep in the depths of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a beautiful country in central Africa known for its breathtaking rain forests, unique wildlife and diverse culture, lies a shameful secret: a ragging war in which women have been used as a chief weapon; a weapon of rape. 

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Twenty-one years. For twenty-one years the people of Uganda have endured civil war, widespread murder, rape of their women, and the abduction of their children. As the perpetrators of this violence, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has proved to be nothing less than what their name claims—resistant. After more than two decades of countless international efforts for peacekeeping in Uganda, the LRA still brings fear and hostility into the region.

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By Oshea C., Age 12

Violence is a word of hatred, to me a word that makes you to your stomach. There are places all around the world full of violence. The places I think have the most violence include Roxbury, Blue Hill, Mattapan, Dorchester, Compton, and our war today taking place in Iraq. Violence is always around you.

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