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Thirty-nine lives were stripped from innocent civilians on Monday, March 29th in Moscow during a terrorist subway bombing executed by two female suicide bombers. This subway bombing was acknowledged as the worst terrorist attack Russia has experiences since 2004 when a male suicide bomber took the lives of 41 people and injured over 120 at the Avtozavodskaya subway station.

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In a region once called the most beautiful place on earth, social and political turmoil have led to dramatic abuses of human rights. According to a 2008 Worldfocus report, 20,000 deaths in Kashmir have been officially accounted for, but human rights organizations estimate that up to 70,000 people have died and 8,000 have “disappeared.” Around 1,000 bodies have been found in mass graves in Kashmir Valley, according to Haley Duschinski, who has conducted extensive research on the Kashmir conflict.

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