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By Sara, Age 18

Day one: nonchalant, day two: excited for change, day three: scared and confused, day four: complacent, optimistic, and intrigued as Hurricane Katrina bombarded my city.

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By Katie L., Age 17

I could barely see the boy for the deafening dim that echoed in the recently re-modeled gym. Toying with the red band the woman had snapped around my wrist, I did my best to keep my eyes on this stranger, ignoring everything else that had happened in the past few days. He seemed to be around my age, but without my contacts in I couldn’t be too sure. The boy was lying on his stomach on his cot, his head dropping over the end of the mattress his feet should’ve been on. Another boy – his brother, maybe – kneeled on the floor beside him; they were talking.

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By Lauren W.

While evacuating for Hurricane Katrina we thought it would be just like any other evacuation we had had in New Orleans. We’d be back in two or three days. However, when I first heard about Hurricane Katrina I didn’t pay much attention to it. On Friday August 26, my grandma picked me up from school just like any other day. When we got home we had been watching the news and it wasn’t anything good. Hurricane Katrina was already a category 5 and was heading straight for New Orleans.

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By Anna L.

Hi, my name is Anna L. I would like to tell you my story of how I survived Hurricane Katrina and how I overcame my worst fears. It was a regular day in New Orleans, when I heard about Hurricane Katrina. The night before, I spent the night at my best friend’s house and we were planning to go to Six Flags the next day. We woke up and started talking about the rides and how much fun we were going to have when Ivy’s mom came into the room and announced we wouldn’t be going.

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By Emma F.

My name is Emma F. and I am a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. I went to school on Friday and went to the Zephyrs game that night. On the way home from the game, my grandma called us and told us to pack up and evacuate! We made reservations in Alexandria, Louisiana. We thought we would pack and come back in three days. We didn’t pack that much. We started out to Alexandria. We watched the news and the hurricane kept going from a category 4 to a category 5. A 5 is the worst!

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By Noor A., Age 18

It was that time of year again: evacuate for a hurricane knowing that you would still come home to a perfect life…I wish. Every year when it is time to evacuate, no one in my family took it seriously. This was the case for Hurricane Katrina. I remember my mother sitting in our living room saying, "Oh we’ll be fine, it’s just another hurricane." I also, was in denial about the hurricane. Friday night was a regular night. I went to a football game and to get coffee with my friends.

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By Alex D., Grade 12

I have lived in New Orleans for all my life, and I have also lived in the same house for nearly as long. I have grown quite accustomed to this stable, predictable lifestyle. I had always taken my way of life for granted, certain that there was no feasible reason as to why it could suddenly end because, for so many years, nothing had changed. But something did change my comfortable lifestyle, and Hurricane Katrina was to blame.

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By Julie R.

When most people hear the word "hurricane" they connect the word "loss" to it. Recently, when people hear the word Katrina, they connect it with total devastation. As with so many others in my home city of New Orleans, I did experience many losses. My home was flooded, forcing my family to evacuate for several weeks. My great-grandmother passed away during the hurricane as well.

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By Kaci, Age 16

I’ll pray for you because unlike me
You don’t have a home and you are stranded
on a roof cold as stone.

I’ll pray because you lick the salty tears
From your bitter lips
So I’ll pray for you that God will send Angels
down to guide you because you are lost.

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