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When most people hear the word "hurricane" they connect the word "loss" to it. Recently, when people hear the word Katrina, they connect it with total devastation. As with so many others in my home city of New Orleans, I did experience many losses. My home was flooded, forcing my family to evacuate for several weeks. My great-grandmother passed away during the hurricane as well. Despite such negative things, I think that when I recall the hurricane years from now, I will remember the positive things I gained from the hurricane experience, rather than all the negatives.

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By Sreeja K., Age 11

One rainy, stormy day, I sat looking out my window. The clouds were dark and gray, as lightning flashed every few minutes. As I sat, tired and bored, my eyes fell upon two little boys. One was about six years old, holding a small, black umbrella with a few bent spokes. The other was about four, hugging the older one and saying, “What are we going to do?” The older one said, “Don’t worry, little brother, we’ll find someone to take us in.” He was smiling at his brother, but at the same time, tears were pouring down his face.

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By Kaci, Age 16

I’ll pray for you because unlike me
You don’t have a home and you are stranded
on a roof cold as stone.

I’ll pray because you lick the salty tears
From your bitter lips
So I’ll pray for you that God will send Angels
down to guide you because you are lost.

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By Taylor D.

Hurricane Katrina has had lasting effects on everyone. All the people that had to evacuate their homes and leave their pictures, and most of their prized possessions, for the hurricane to come and take it all away. People lost their family members. I went to a Green Day concert in September. At the concert, Billie Joe, the lead singer, dedicated the song “When September Ends,” to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, causing many people to cry. The effect that it has had on me will last a long time.

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By Madison R.

Hi, I’m Madison R. I live in New Orleans. It was just a normal day at Ursuline. Everyone was happy. But when I got home, everything changed. My mom said that Hurricane Katrina was coming here and we needed to leave. So the next day, my mom, sister, grandma, and dog Charlie and I left for Baton Rouge. My dad came later. But when we got to Baton Rouge, Katrina grew to a category 5 hurricane and was headed for New Orleans.

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By Aisha, Age 15

How do I tell myself the truth?

That I decided to stay.

Then the rain and ocean,

Once providers,

Turned and crashed back.

On my haven.

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United We Stand

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