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By Ernie, Age 13  

Kids, especially during their teenage years, go through struggles. These struggles can go on for days, weeks, months and even years. As for me, I have had constant struggles throughout the entire millennium so far, and they have not ceased. My struggles have been tough, but have ultimately made me a better person, and have helped me decide what kind of adult I will be in the future.

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By Lauren

If you have ever wondered about your significance to mankind, the environment, or the universe, you may understand the thoughts that run wild through my mind and the feeling of fragility of human life. To begin, let me explain how these thoughts were framed. My religion, or my hope in a greater being, was questioned last year, due to my over curiosity in the world around me. How, I decided, could I believe in a “Holy Ghost” if I was comforted as a child with the idea that spirits did not exist. I feared the persecution and everlasting pain of the cautioned hell.

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