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By Rayne F.

On the South Side of Chicago, the Youngers do dwell
Being a black, poor family, not everything’s swell.
However, they each have a wish and a dream
All have high hopes, or so it does seem.

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By Pamela K., Age 19

Slightly curved

protruding blue veins,

like rivers,

wind their way among the

withered and swollen hills

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By Rachel R., Age 23

Air saturated with cicada shrieks
Sprinkler sprinkles
The glow of summer
Somersault momentum
Songs and stories
And silly

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By Kara B., Age 17

As I grow, I plateau.
Stranded on this vast expanse of monotony
I see;
The craggy cliffs of circumstance
I’ve stumbled up to get me here.
But looking back there makes me dizzy;
Oh, haven’t I ever heard?
It’s not prudent to look downward!
Now turn my face to the trail ahead—
The rocks are rough and incline, steep.
Make my way up to the sharp ascent
And pray someday to reach my peak.

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By Derrick, Age 16

It’s okay to think about it.
It’s okay to cry.
It’s okay to scream,
And think about the people who died.
We may not have been there,
But we know exactly what you’re going through.
And we cry inside,
And sometimes break down too.
We wish we could stop the wind and the heavy rain
To prevent the disaster and the excruciating pain.
But now it’s all over and it’s a new day,
Just remember everything is going to be okay

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By Kaci, Age 16

I’ll pray for you because unlike me
You don’t have a home and you are stranded
on a roof cold as stone.

I’ll pray because you lick the salty tears
From your bitter lips
So I’ll pray for you that God will send Angels
down to guide you because you are lost.

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By Anonymous

A couple of months after my rape, I wrote a poem about how he haunts my life. If I would have talked to someone sooner about what happened to me, and let go of some of the pain, perhaps his presence would have been less pervasive. I hope my poem touches those of you out there who are survivors of rape, and encourages you to talk to someone – anyone – about your experience. Don’t be like me and wait. You do not have to be alone.  


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