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Why do we make crowds?

The purpose of crowds is to create a social structure in the school. This social structure gives teens a place to belong. They also help a teen define their identity, whether for better or worse. They steer teens towards other teens that are like them. Someone in the “popular” crowd is more likely to be friends with a “jock” than with a “nerd” or a “stoner”.

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Where Do You Fit In?

Surviving stereotypes and cliques in high school

Think about your school cafeteria. Where do you sit? Do you sit with the jocks? In the corner with the goths? Do you not even make it to the cafeteria and stay in the library with the nerds? The answer should be that you sit with your friends. This article is about understanding and overcoming stereotypes, cliques, and exclusion.

What is the difference between a clique and a crowd?

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“This one girl at my school says she’s my friend, but whenever I’m not around she says mean things about me. What can I do?”

Standing up to a bully can be incredibly difficult, especially when the perpetrator is a so-called friend. Here are some signs that this person isn’t friend material and some suggestions for how to deal:

1. They see you as a benefit instead of as a buddy.

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How can I get people to see ME and not my stereotype?

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How do stereotypes effect how we treat people?

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What are cliques?

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Abuse & Neglect


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