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By Allie

“I guess we should get her a helmet for the pool,” my dad said to break the silence that permeated his rusty old maroon station wagon. With me bundled up in the back seat, my parents and I were on our way home from a consultation with yet another doctor. Two hours earlier we had sat in a doctor’s office as he told them that I would not be a “normal” child and that I would never be able to go to the beach, read, and certainly never play sports. I like to think that I have acquired my parents’ indomitable attitude towards adversity. I have been discouraged, made fun of, stared at, and ignored because I have albinism.

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By Catherine C., Age 21

For my Spring Break this year, I went to Greensboro, North Carolina on a service trip through the BC group Appalachia Volunteers. Because the organization has grown so much in the past years, trip locations expand well beyond the Appalachia region ranging from Ohio and Pennsylvania all the way down to Louisiana. Preparations for the trips begin early in the school year and we met in large meetings weekly discussing different social justice issues and learning about the regions to which we would be traveling.

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