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In December 2009, the Lord’s Resistance Army attacked and murdered 321 Congolese citizens in the village of Makombo in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Human Rights Watch. This massacre is a testament to the LRA’s relentless tactics to dominate the region, reports The Christian Science Monitor. The LRA masqueraded as Ugandan and Congolese soldiers as they entered the village and reassured the civilians that they had nothing to fear.

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Twenty-one years. For twenty-one years the people of Uganda have endured civil war, widespread murder, rape of their women, and the abduction of their children. As the perpetrators of this violence, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has proved to be nothing less than what their name claims—resistant. After more than two decades of countless international efforts for peacekeeping in Uganda, the LRA still brings fear and hostility into the region.

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