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No one should ever have to feel alone. No one should ever have to feel helpless, unloved, or unlovable. Yet sadly, this is exactly how many people feel. Depression, addiction, self-harm, and suicide ideation are sobering truths that face us as a society everyday. To Write Love on Her Arms, a nonprofit campaign, was founded on the belief that a community of support can make a difference in the lives of all those who face these difficult challenges.

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I do not like the word “tolerate”.

Tolerance is like opening up your mind to an idea and closing it before you try to understand.

Tolerance is like placing your ideals on a pedestal while looking down on beliefs that couldn’t measure up to yours.

Tolerance is like eating something out of politeness to your host, but still finding it difficult to conceal the unpleasant look on your face as you swallow it.

Tolerance is like putting your toe in the pool to test the water and then deciding not to jump in.

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by Haley R. 

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I always thought that I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, what I wanted for my future,

But then as I began walking down the path that would lead me to that life,

I realized I was definitely going the wrong way.

It's hard to find out that what you thought was right for so long is wrong;

However, I realized that it took a trip down the wrong road to be redirected to the right one.

Starting out on my new journey, I discovered a lot about myself, things I somehow ignored before.

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By Julia J., Age 15

The one hundred thirteen degree weather was especially harsh in the barren town of Reynosa, where there wasn’t shade in sight. However, the motivation to provide shelter for my new friends compensated for any discomfort caused by the Mexican climate. As Ramón Lopez came towards me I immediately noticed his brown calloused feet walking on the rocky dirt road. He smiled and called out “trabaja!” while handing me his cement-mixing shovel, and then sat down to rest with his two younger brothers. I watched them, marveling at how well they got along, and wondering at what time in American society it had become unacceptable for teenagers to enjoy the company of their younger siblings. I then regained my focus and began the arduous task of mixing cement manually in order to lay the floor for the Lopez’s first legitimate house.

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By Members of Generation Pulse

What follows is an informal conversation on coping with tragedy between several college friends in late adolescence to early adulthood. This conversation was held over several days in an online forum between students sharing a psychology class: it focuses on grieving and coming to terms with the most stressful and tragic situations that can confront adolescents.

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