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By Members of Generation Pulse

What follows is an informal conversation on coping with tragedy between several college friends in late adolescence to early adulthood. This conversation was held over several days in an online forum between students sharing a psychology class: it focuses on grieving and coming to terms with the most stressful and tragic situations that can confront adolescents.

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By Alicia C., Age 19

Halloween has passed and November has just begun. This of course means that the holiday season has officially commenced. Ads on television already begin to advertise the perfect holiday gifts, stores and shopping centers are decorated with extravagant displays of lights and pine and the emphasis on family coming home for the holidays can be seen everywhere you turn.

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By Catilyn B., Age 13

The experience that has changed my life the most was when my mother died. I was nine and I was devastated when I found out. The weekend before was one spent at my cousins’ with my little brother.

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By Julie R.

When most people hear the word "hurricane" they connect the word "loss" to it. Recently, when people hear the word Katrina, they connect it with total devastation. As with so many others in my home city of New Orleans, I did experience many losses. My home was flooded, forcing my family to evacuate for several weeks. My great-grandmother passed away during the hurricane as well.

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By Kellsie, Age 18

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