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Racism manifests itself negatively in both the mental and physical health of those who experience racism. There are three levels to this racism:

1) Active racism, or overt racism. An obvious example is violence directed at somebody for being a certain race. This causes adrenaline-related stress, as well as the obvious negative health affects of violence.

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Venture on the journey of self-discovery by letting the words in these articles inspire you to learn about your identity, your personality, your culture, your heritage, or anything else you use to define what makes you "you".

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If you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender in Uganda, you are considered a criminal under the law. Homosexuality is currently illegal in Uganda and anyone who engages in homosexual activity is subject to up to 14 years of imprisonment. On October 13, 2009 the Ugandan government proposed a new bill that would both allow for harsher punishments and broaden the scope of those who fall under the jurisdiction of this law.

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On Tuesday night, in a room at Boston College crowded with students eager to hear her words, Grace Akello, author of Girl Solider, shared her story.  She began by showing a brief video, which gave an overview of the treacherous war in northern Uganda and highlighted the plight of the innocent “children caught in the crossfire.”  International support, such as that by World Vision, has helped to bring hope to the situation but, in a country like Uganda where “amber alerts” do not exist, children remain in danger even today.

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By Pamela K., Age 19

Slightly curved

protruding blue veins,

like rivers,

wind their way among the

withered and swollen hills

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By Jessica B.

The lights are down. My heart is pounding. I stand on the stage, perfectly still, waiting. The curtains open, and the music finally starts. I should start, but I freeze instead. My mind is racing. "What are the steps? I should know this; I’ve been practicing this forever. I can’t mess up now." Then it happens. The music pulsates through my spine. I start dancing, escaping reality, and becoming a person that exists most vividly as I dance.

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By Gabriela, Age 21

What is Up? Some days I cannot shake the fact that I should be doing more for humanity and it produces in me a peculiar anxiety that is hard to calm. On good days, it can result in a surge of momentum and I make blueprints for my future in making things a little better. On bad days like today, though, I feel the need for distraction, so I sit at my computer and open iTunes. I peer over my shoulder and make sure that I am alone. I am. Then I let myself be hypnotized by the lullaby of glossy colors and little waists, by the mobile of changing fonts on the constant white background.

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