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It has been five years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Sadly, five years later, devastation continues to manifest itself throughout the ravaged city. In May, Amnesty International released a new report detailing the numerous human rights violations suffered by the people of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina struck land in 2005.

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Look down at your feet. Are you wearing shoes? How much did they cost? What company made them? Now think, who actually made them, and for what price?

According to Jim Keady, over 90% of the things you wear are made in sweatshops around the world. Keady is a human rights activist that is most known for his relentless criticism of the unethical practices of Nike, the leading company in the global sportswear industry. He started his non-profit organization Team Sweat in order to formally address Nike’s ethical standards.

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The daunting issue of world hunger is not usually associated with hope. According to a CBS news magazine 60 Minutes report, malnutrition claims the life of one child every six seconds.  Considering that there are 86,400 seconds in each day and 31,556,926 seconds in every year, those numbers add up fast. It amounts to about five million children who die from this preventable cause every year.

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In a region once called the most beautiful place on earth, social and political turmoil have led to dramatic abuses of human rights. According to a 2008 Worldfocus report, 20,000 deaths in Kashmir have been officially accounted for, but human rights organizations estimate that up to 70,000 people have died and 8,000 have “disappeared.” Around 1,000 bodies have been found in mass graves in Kashmir Valley, according to Haley Duschinski, who has conducted extensive research on the Kashmir conflict.

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Journalists and human rights activists working in Mexico are not only being harassed for reasons related to their job, but some are also being killed. In the past couple of years, Mexico has emerged as one of the most dangerous countries in Latin America, especially for journalists trying to expose and document the lifestyle there. In 2009, a total of thirteen reporters were killed in Mexico and many more were physically assaulted or attacked. This is the highest number of murdered journalists in Mexico ever recorded.

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If you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender in Uganda, you are considered a criminal under the law. Homosexuality is currently illegal in Uganda and anyone who engages in homosexual activity is subject to up to 14 years of imprisonment. On October 13, 2009 the Ugandan government proposed a new bill that would both allow for harsher punishments and broaden the scope of those who fall under the jurisdiction of this law.

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In December 2009, the Lord’s Resistance Army attacked and murdered 321 Congolese citizens in the village of Makombo in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Human Rights Watch. This massacre is a testament to the LRA’s relentless tactics to dominate the region, reports The Christian Science Monitor. The LRA masqueraded as Ugandan and Congolese soldiers as they entered the village and reassured the civilians that they had nothing to fear.

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