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Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, images of helpless children surfaced on the TV screens of American families, compelling them to open up their homes and adopt. Although this is a kind gesture, adoption processes in Haiti are extremely difficult and normally take up to three years to complete. Now, after the earthquake, there are hundreds of more children desperately seeking homes in addition to the children who were orphans prior to the tragedy. Yet some of the orphanages in Haiti are not legitimate.

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Please join us in keeping everyone in Haiti, as well as family members abroad, in our thoughts and prayers.

To do more to help please visit these sites to learn what you can do...

CNN Special Report on Haitian Relief

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from: Impact your world:

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The New York Times has put together a fabulous piece to help teachers teach about culture through the experiences of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  Students can engage in a multi-media, current event exploration to learn about the current educational situation in Haiti.

Telling Tales Outside of School...What we can teach about culture

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GenerationPulse is facilitating an exchange of Postcards for Peace to our friends in Haiti from people around the world who want to reach out.  On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated much of the country of Haiti.  Send your message of Peace to Haiti today!

Join the GenerationPulse website and click the "Add Postcard" link on your account page.  Be sure to tag "Haiti" when you submit your card!

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