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By Alicia C., Age 19

Halloween has passed and November has just begun. This of course means that the holiday season has officially commenced. Ads on television already begin to advertise the perfect holiday gifts, stores and shopping centers are decorated with extravagant displays of lights and pine and the emphasis on family coming home for the holidays can be seen everywhere you turn.

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By Meg C., Age 19

I came home from class last week and my mom had left me a voice mail asking me to call her because she had some “bad news about Nick.” So of course I call her immediately. She tells me that Nick passed away that afternoon. Despite being 19 years old and for all intents and purposes a rational person, my first thought was that the doctors were wrong. “What?” I asked. “He’s dead,” she replied holding back the tears. “Forever,” I questioned still not quite capable of grasping the meaning of a rather simple concept.

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