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By Emma Joe S., Age 13

Depression is something that I go through a lot and it mostly caused by school and my friends. Most of the time, I feel like just ending the pain I’ve been going through. I’ve done so much for these people and they treat me like dirt, it hurts. Sometimes I wonder if I was home-schooled maybe I’d be happier. There are so many times a day I look at everything around me and wonder is it all worth it?

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 By Kate H., Age 22

I believe in love at first sight, first laugh, and first hug. I’m not talking about romantic love; I mean the kind of love that you have with your best friends who you know you’ll have forever. In high school, my friends were the people who I had known all my life, the ones who knew everything about me because they had lived it all with me. Going away to college and later when I studied in Europe for a semester, I found that there are some people who just understand you from the second you meet them. It’s love at first sight.

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By Tonoah J.

My Block

Here’s what’s up and what’s down in my neck of the woods. I grew up middle class – not too poor, not too rich. We lived in a five bedroom house with two bathrooms. We lived in a place called the Goose. We had block parties, second lines. Everybody knew everybody. We were a big family until drugs came along.

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By Michaela M.

As we grow up we face many troubles. Teenagers are constantly faced with the difficulties to look and act a certain way. Sometimes teenagers are pushed too far and the situation gets out of hand. Someone close and dear to my heart had to deal with this type of situation personally. My best friend suffered with anorexia for approximately two years. In the beginning, I scarcely noticed the changes in her actions and physical looks.

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