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In most other places across the globe, the construction of a new school would not be regarded as a particularly remarkable or noteworthy event.  But in a land still suffering from the damages of a recent and brutal genocide, a new school has the potential to be the remedy needed to elevate communities out of poverty. If successful, the new school being built by Mission Schools International in Rwanda could be the first step in putting the entire Rwandan nation’s economy back on track.

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By Zeus T., Age 16 

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The New York Times has put together a fabulous piece to help teachers teach about culture through the experiences of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  Students can engage in a multi-media, current event exploration to learn about the current educational situation in Haiti.

Telling Tales Outside of School...What we can teach about culture

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Founded by 15 year old Sejal Hathi, Girls Helping Girls builds relationships between young women across the globe with an interest in improving health and education. Learn more and get involved at Empower A Girl.

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