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Deformed vehicles, overcrowded hospitals and damaged buildings created a sense of panic among Colombian civilians on the morning of March 24th. A car bomb went off in Buenaventura, Colombia that reeked havoc on the residents and the local hospital after killing six residents and injuring over 42. Out of the six victims that died, five were civilians and one was a policeman. The car bomb exploded inside a Mazda 323 hatchback vehicle and led the hospital to declare a state of emergency, resulting in chaos and unanswered questions.

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Sadness, regret and accusations followed the mining catastrophe that occurred in West Virginia at a Massey Energy Company mine on April 5, 2010. Out of the 31 miners that were working in the area at the time of the blast, only twenty-five bodies were found, and none of them survived. The tragedy sparked a strenuous search to rescue the remaining six miners in hopes that they are alive, although chances are slim as a week has passed and no bodies have emerged.

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By Meg C., Age 19

I came home from class last week and my mom had left me a voice mail asking me to call her because she had some “bad news about Nick.” So of course I call her immediately. She tells me that Nick passed away that afternoon. Despite being 19 years old and for all intents and purposes a rational person, my first thought was that the doctors were wrong. “What?” I asked. “He’s dead,” she replied holding back the tears. “Forever,” I questioned still not quite capable of grasping the meaning of a rather simple concept.

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By Catilyn B., Age 13

The experience that has changed my life the most was when my mother died. I was nine and I was devastated when I found out. The weekend before was one spent at my cousins’ with my little brother.

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By Tasha K., Age 18

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