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Welcome to Explore Self's Emotional Well Being Section!

Venture on the journey of self-discovery by letting the words in these articles inspire you to learn about yourself, your emotions, and how to cope with them.


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What is Stress?

Have you ever felt that overwhelming sense of anxiety, the headache that comes when you think of all of that homework in front of you?  Sometimes, thinking of what you have to do helps you to organize yourself but, other times, it just makes things worse- or in other words, just more stressful!

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By Members of Generation Pulse

What follows is an informal conversation on coping with tragedy between several college friends in late adolescence to early adulthood. This conversation was held over several days in an online forum between students sharing a psychology class: it focuses on grieving and coming to terms with the most stressful and tragic situations that can confront adolescents.

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By Meg C., Age 19

I came home from class last week and my mom had left me a voice mail asking me to call her because she had some “bad news about Nick.” So of course I call her immediately. She tells me that Nick passed away that afternoon. Despite being 19 years old and for all intents and purposes a rational person, my first thought was that the doctors were wrong. “What?” I asked. “He’s dead,” she replied holding back the tears. “Forever,” I questioned still not quite capable of grasping the meaning of a rather simple concept.

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By Tasha K., Age 18

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