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Racism manifests itself negatively in both the mental and physical health of those who experience racism. There are three levels to this racism:

1) Active racism, or overt racism. An obvious example is violence directed at somebody for being a certain race. This causes adrenaline-related stress, as well as the obvious negative health affects of violence.

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 There are an estimated 27 million individuals worldwide who are currently victims of human trafficking, according to Kevin Bales, an expert on human trafficking. According to the United Nations organization Economic and Social Commision for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), human trafficking is defined as the circumstance in which someone is held against their will through force, fraud, or coercion without being able to freely leave the situation; it is quite literally modern-day slavery.

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Take action to make a difference

on your campus or in your school.

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Students at Rashi School have been exchanging postcards with students in northern Uganda.  Through a series of presentations, students are learning about the culture and conflict in northern Uganda.

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If you could make the world better, how would you ACT?

The Act section of the GenerationPulse website is the place to find out how to get involved and make a change.  Learn about community service opportunities and submit your own!


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What do students think about being involved with Postcards for Peace?

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To make a difference from home...

You Can:

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To make a difference

within, around, or from your school...

You can:

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Are you looking for ways to take Action?  Here are a few featured websites of Organizations that are taking Action...

Do you work for or collaborate with other organizations taking action?  If so email us to let us know so we can feature other organizations making a difference here on our site!

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