I wanted to share a passage that I found that inspired me to share with those that are close to my heart.  It is from a great wise man named Thich Nhat Hanh:

                           **** Investing In Friends ****

      Even if we had a lot of money in the bank, we can die very easily from our suffering. So investing in a friend, making a friend into a real friend, building a community of friends, is a much better source of security. We will have someone to lean on, to come to, during our difficult moments.

      We can get in touch with the refreshing, healing elements within and around us thanks to the loving support of other people. If we have a good community of friends, we are very fortunate. To create a good community, we first have to transform ourselves into a good element of the community. After that we can go to another person and help him or her become an element of the community. We build our network of friends that way. We have to think of friends and community as investments, as our important asset. They comfort us and help us in difficult times, and they can share our joy and happiness.

I really think that this passage says a lot about what friends mean to me.  I draw my strength from each and everyone of them.  They each serve a purpose in my life-and I am hoping that I serve a purpose and am a good friend to them as they are to me! 

I also do not want to forget the strength and drive that I have derived from my father-who is my best friend in the world.  He is the first person that I look to for anything that is going on in my life-he is my rock, my safe space and it is nice to have someone in your life that is non-judgemental, caring and honest with you because they care about your well-being!

Where do you get your strength from?  Have you found individuals in and around where you live that provide you with support?

I am hoping that you are well-hoping to hear from you soon :)



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