Invisible Children: A Film that Sparked a Revolution


Three young filmmakers from California embarked on a journey to Africa in the spring of 2003 to explore the continent and capture it on film. But they never expected to be exposed to the tragic lifestyle and realities of night commuters and child soldiers living in northern Uganda. The reality of these people’s struggles not only shook up the young filmmakers but also spurred them to get involved and find ways to help. The filmmakers used their outrage and inspiration to create a moving documentary called, “Invisible Children: Rough Cut” which has emerged as one of the most powerful depictions of what is really going on in Uganda. The film was so raw and moving that millions of people yearned to help. The response from the public was so powerful that the non-profit organization, Invisible Children Inc. was founded in order to give people a way to respond to the tragedy. Invisible Children is made up of thousands of volunteers, students and staff who utilize media as their key tool for inspiring change. According to Invisible Children, 95% of their staff consists of Ugandans, which is advantageous because Ugandans are the people who comprehend the needs of their community best.

The goal of Invisible Children is to expose the tragedies and unjust actions occurring in Uganda in order to inspire others to stand up and join a movement advocating change. In addition to creating films, individuals involved in Invisible Children listen to the needs of the citizens in these troubled areas and use their voices as a compass for further action. Invisible Children wants to help them build a better future by addressing the importance of having mentors, the desperate need for better education, and the need for financial stability.

After the devastating effects of war, Invisible Children works to rebuild schools to benefit over 8,400 Ugandan children yearning to learn. Invisible Children also supplies Ugandan students with 690 scholarships and 180 full-tuition scholarships to attend a university. In addition, they provide mentors to watch after and provide support to the Ugandan students.

Invisible Children employs numerous campaigns to raise money to make a difference in the lives of the Ugandan community by improving financial stability. One of the most unique campaigns is called, “The Invisible Children Bracelet Campaign.” This campaign sends handmade bracelets made by Ugandan community members along with a short film to the people in the Western world who donate money. This campaign is unique because not only does the financial donation go to help the Ugandan community economically, but it also connects the Ugandans with the people in the Western world on a more personal level. Donators know that the bracelet he or she is wearing was made tirelessly by a Ugandan and this inspires them and creates a connection between the two individuals.

So how can we make a difference? Invisible Children suggests that individuals who are passionate about spreading the word about this movement should do so by creating a club, showing friends and family the movie that spurred this movement, or paint, photograph and publish the aspects of the groups. Join the movement today to advocate change. For more information and ways to help, go to the Invisible Children website at



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