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Imagine walking in the shoes of an African child inflicted with HIV/AIDS. For many of us without the disease, it is hard to even begin to try and comprehend such a difficult life. But the World Vision Experience asks us to do just that. Using this exhibit, visitors are confronted with the harsh realities many children face every day.

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The daunting issue of world hunger is not usually associated with hope. According to a CBS news magazine 60 Minutes report, malnutrition claims the life of one child every six seconds.  Considering that there are 86,400 seconds in each day and 31,556,926 seconds in every year, those numbers add up fast. It amounts to about five million children who die from this preventable cause every year.

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No one should ever have to feel alone. No one should ever have to feel helpless, unloved, or unlovable. Yet sadly, this is exactly how many people feel. Depression, addiction, self-harm, and suicide ideation are sobering truths that face us as a society everyday. To Write Love on Her Arms, a nonprofit campaign, was founded on the belief that a community of support can make a difference in the lives of all those who face these difficult challenges.

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Sadness, regret and accusations followed the mining catastrophe that occurred in West Virginia at a Massey Energy Company mine on April 5, 2010. Out of the 31 miners that were working in the area at the time of the blast, only twenty-five bodies were found, and none of them survived. The tragedy sparked a strenuous search to rescue the remaining six miners in hopes that they are alive, although chances are slim as a week has passed and no bodies have emerged.

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Long before the disastrous 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, the Caribbean Island ‘s population was battling a devastating health epidemic. For decades, the people of Haiti have fallen victim to often lethal diseases and infections: HIV/AIDS, malaria, meningitis, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and cholera— just to name a few.

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