This Bridge Will Only Take you HALFway there....


Words I live By

An important model in my life, who helped guide me and develop the values and morals I carry today was my grandmother. As a child, she would offer advice and guidance, which I now see has having an enormous impact on who I am today. As a child, I loved listening to her engaging stories, and reading with her. She always told stories that made me sit on the edge of my seat, and selected books I continue to enjoy today. One such example of the literature she introduced me to, that I continue to value today is the insightful and comforting poetry of children’s author Shell Silverstein. Some of his poems were funny and silly, and some were more serious, or even sad. But ultimately, each one taught a valuable life lesson, and these continue to be principles I strive to embrace today.

“For come and walk a while with me, I’ll show you the wondrous world’s I’ve known; But this bridge will only take you halfway there; The last few steps you must take alone”

This quote from Silverstien’s poem speaks to me, because it brings me to remember and support and appreciation I have from family, but reminds me of the importance of independence and individuality. In these lines, I see my mother and my grandmother as such significant influences in my life; they definitely exposed me to their “wondrous worlds” and this is something I am extremely grateful of. However, they also fostered me to explore my individuality, be self-sufficient, and independent. It is very important to me, to find a balance between these two principles, and I don’t think I would have found this without those two mentors in my life. Reading this poem, and other works by Silverstein, reminds me of the joyful and exciting story times with my grandmother, and reminds me of the important values she instilled in me. These words provide clarity, support and inspiration, and they continue to guide me through my often fast-paced and hectic life. With them, I can remind myself of the support I have from my elders, as well as the competence and assurance I have within myself.