By Emma Joe S., Age 13

Depression is something that I go through a lot and it mostly caused by school and my friends. Most of the time, I feel like just ending the pain I’ve been going through. I’ve done so much for these people and they treat me like dirt, it hurts. Sometimes I wonder if I was home-schooled maybe I’d be happier. There are so many times a day I look at everything around me and wonder is it all worth it?

Depression is not always something that you’re born with. It’s something that’s caused by the people around you. You may think that the person you think is your friend is really your friend and that she’d do anything for you. Sometimes you can be wrong about that person. They might have been the person who started your pain.

People who said they would be you’re friend and do not listen when you express your anger makes me angry. Also, realizing that they only liked you because you were doing what they liked and waiting for a time when you messed up makes me sad. Let me tell you, sometimes I don’t feel like going back to that school.

Depression is a very hard thing to handle. Sometimes what have worked before to handle it might not work this time...