GenPulse Adult Collaborators

GenPulse Adult Collaborators are teachers, community organization leaders, mentors, and any adult responsible for helping young people learn and grow to facilitate positive change. 

GP Adult Collaborator can get involved in many different ways and capacities.  There are a variety of ways to get involved and hopes to help organizations and schools to facilitate positive change and connect people of varying ages from around the globe to learn with each other to help one another. 

As a GP Adult Collaborator you can...

  • Use this website as a medium for expression for the young people and emerging adults who you work with
  • Find resources for those you work with to find ways to take Act-ion
  • Reach out to youth living in a conflict area in East Africa, areas affected by natural disasters like Haiti and New Orleans, or other points around the globe.
  • Participate in research
  • Access information to build projects and activities to teach about and raise awareness about social justice issue

By utilizing the Generation Pulse website, the young people you work with can become GP members and...

  • Write reactions to stories in Explore, Share, and ACT.
  • Share their stories about taking action.
  • Share personal stories about justice, identity, purpose, love, adversity, survival, or anything relevant and moving that may help others when they read about other's struggles and triumphs in life.
  • Submit poems, artwork, video collages, audio recordings of original songs, etc. that are relevant to a social justice issue, creating positive change, or anything that relates to their lives.

We look forward to working with passionate, enthusiastic teachers and leaders who are committed to empowering their students and group members to be the change and to take ACT-ion.


Please contact Ashley and Alexis for more information: