A Smart Summer Plan

The summer can be a valuable experience if the time is used wisely. Instead of watching television all day or sitting with your friends in the heat debating whether to make the trip to the corner store for a cold drink, summer could a a time filled with new places, people, and fun. There are many ways to spend your summer that do not involve television or the corner store. You could travel outside the country, go to sleep-away camp, take a class, get a job, and so much more. Using the summer to "pass the pulse" or even to develop your interests and skills so later you can better share these talents is a wise decision. We have provided two sections to the summer section, one to get facts about programs and the other to read about how other genpulsers spend their summers. As always, you can send us your summer story or review of a program through the Get Involved section.

Summer Opportunities

Read about different categories of summer opportunities, read reviews of programs, and leave feedback for other genpulsers.

Summer Stories

How did you spend your summer? Tell GenPulse about your adventures and read about other adventures from summers past.