Calling All Crows


Calling All Crows is a service organization that mobilizes musicians and fans to promote human rights.

Founded by musician Chad Stokes (of the bands State Radio and Dispatch) and his activist partner Sybil Gallagher, Calling All Crows is currently focused on ending violence against women and inspiring public service.



Founded by musician Chad Stokes and tour manager Sybil Gallagher, Calling All Crows is a human rights organization powered by State Radio, a rock band from Boston, MA with a history of inspiring their fans to take social action.

Calling All Crows was created to serve as the band's platform for social change. Our mission is to mobilize musicians and their fans to promote human rights through social action. Globally, we seek to end violence against women through humanitarian relief. Locally, we aim to inspire public service through hands-on volunteerism.

In 2009, Calling All Crows will raise $100,000 for the Stoves Project, providing energy-efficient stoves for Sudanese women who would otherwise risk being raped when collecting firewood away from their refugee camp.  State Radio and their fans have also plegged to serve 3,000 hours at local volunteer projects by year’s end.

Calling All Crows’ mission is carried out in 3 different places:

1. On tour, members of State Radio, its road crew, and local fans unite for “pre-show actions” in nearly every city they play.

2. Across the country, Calling All Crows’ network of Action Leaders organize hands-on public service projects and fundraisers for humanitarian relief efforts abroad.

3. In State Radio’s hometown of Boston, Calling All Crows hosts larger events mobilizing fans from area high schools and colleges to take action.

Additionally, Calling All Crows serves as a coalition member on various progressive campaigns important to State Radio and its fans.