What is GenerationPulse?

GenerationPulse is a social networking website inspired by and inspiring social justice.  More than a website, we are a not-for-profit organization implementing social justice projects of our own like Postcards for Peace.  Additionally, because of our affiliation with Boston College there is also an adjacent research project investigating the effectiveness of both our website and related psychosocial interventions. 

GenerationPulse.org aims to raise awareness of social justice and humanitarian issues by connecting youth from advantaged regions of the world with their peers in areas affected by war, natural disaster, and poverty.  By presenting a multimedia and multicultural experience including arts, essays, videos, and interactive activities, GenerationPulse.org engages today’s most affluent and technologically savvy generation, and inspires it to turn its energies and resources toward connecting with today’s most disaffected people.          

Our psycho-social interventions are based on the idea that identity formation, expression of that identity, and the formation of social connectivity can and does happen on the internet.  Providing a space to share a deeply personal story, GenerationPulse fosters a community of compassionate and conscientious users.