The Philosophy of Our Name

Founded in 2005 by undergraduate students at Boston College, GenerationPulse was designed to target “adolescents” who we defined as ages 13-25. But, as adolescents ourselves, we hardly wanted to be called “adolescents”, “teens”, “youth”, “kids”, “young adults”, or any other name prescribed to us by adults.  And so we decided to think of the website as for our “generation.”  

The second half of our name we wanted to reflect the spirit of our website as a place for people to share what is in their hearts. The idea that no one’s heart beats to the same rhythm and that that rhythm is the song of our heart – unique to each of us.  We wanted the website to help our generation “find their pulse,” – to really explore and discover the songs of their hearts.  

Originally our catch phrase was “Find Your Pulse” and the original website (see below) broke out into different sections: About Us, Issues, Pass the Pulse, World Pulse, Peer Pulse, Get Involved, Forums.